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Statement of Faith

We invite, welcome and embrace people from all backgrounds, struggles and beliefs… all will be loved when they come to our Ranch!  Read more…


While Sharron was living in Australia serving with Youth for Christ, an Aussie friend told her about Kim Meeder and Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon. Crystal Peaks is the first equine ministry to pair rescued horses with people who are hurting.

Every fiber of Sharron’s being was ignited when she heard about such a ministry. So after 7 ½ years of being in Australia and applying for residency, Sharron found herself on a plane coming back to the US. Youth for Christ had agreed to loan her to an equine ministry for a year before going back overseas.

Instead of going to Crystal Peaks for a year though, God sent her to the other side of the country, to VA, to serve with a similar ministry called Wings of Hope Ranch. Sharron wasn’t there long before she knew this was what she was born to do!

The one year turned into nearly 2 years, and then Sharron came back to Colorado to get certified in Equine-Assisted-Learning and Equine-Assisted-Psychotherapy. While she was actively planning on moving to Honduras to start an equine ministry there, God was laying the ground work for Sharron to pioneer a ministry right here in Colorado! What got Sharron’s attention off of going back overseas and instead staying in Franktown, was the fact that within one week she found herself with 4 rescue horses, horse property and people coming to her and asking how they could be involved and what she had to offer their teenager who was struggling.

All 3 key elements were now in place, all while Sharron was actively pursuing Honduras. God was on the move then and He still is now!  Much has happened in 3 short years and many lives have been touched, including Sharron’s life!

We now have 7 rescue horses, a wonderful team of volunteers and an ever growing number of families getting involved. It has been and continues to be quite an adventure, and God gets all the glory!

Current Programs

We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly Equine-Assisted-Learning (EAL) sessions for individuals, couples or pairs of any kind, and families or groups of any kind. EAL is experiential learning with horses and is beneficial for working through challenges and conflict, strengthening understanding and communication skills, growing in self-awareness and team unity, gaining perspective, etc. EAL sessions are customized to best meet the particular needs of that person or group.

Some EAL sessions for individuals will also incorporate the principles of natural horsemanship training, allowing the person to build a relationship and establish themselves as the horse’s leader.


Certification & Qualifications

Sharron Wilen, Director of The Son & Reins Ranch is certified through:

Sharron has also attended
training, and pursues on-going support from Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, OR.

Relationship Is The Essence of It All

What kind of a friendship can you have with somebody you don’t trust or respect?

We can’t start with a relationship and then work on trust and respect, because any relationship not built on trust and respect is not much of a relationship. This is true whether we’re talking about us and a horse, us and another person, or us and God.

With horses, if we are able to control their feet, they will respect us, and if we’re fair and consistent, they will also trust us and see us as their leader.

Then we can have a safe, loving relationship with each other.

The same is true with us and other people, and with us and God. If we respect God, we will listen to Him; as we listen to Him we realize we can trust Him as our Leader; when we trust Him we enjoy a safe, loving relationship with Him.

Bible Reference - Isaiah 26:4

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.”