Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

How We Help

We facilitate opportunities, through experiential activities with the horses, for powerful, effective and life-changing growth to occur from a person’s own relational experience with the horse.

In our sessions, God uses the horses not the facilitators, to bring about effective change in a person’s life. This change will include, but not be limited to: successful, healthy relationships, increased self-awareness, healing, new perspective, freedom from the lies a person has been believing, and a greater understanding of the world around them, and their purpose and role in it.

We offer 1:1 sessions as well as group sessions. The experiential activities, otherwise known as equine-assisted-learning (EAL), are beneficial for individuals, couples or pairs of any kind, families or groups of any kind. No matter where you are in life or what you’re dealing with, EAL can bring new insights, perspective and understanding.

EAL empowers people to think for themselves and to find their own voice, while also giving permission to be authentic in what they’re feeling.

The trained facilitators simply set up the activity and then observe so they can best facilitate the person(s) debrief afterwards. It is never up to the facilitator to tell the participants what they should get out of the experience or to advise or counsel anybody. We simply observe and ask questions. The participant must take ownership of their experience and what they gained from it.

We can’t fake it with a horse or with God. Thankfully both are willing to meet us right where we are; to offer us unconditional love, truth, hope, and acceptance.

The Son and Reins Ranch is certified in Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) through Greg Kersten’s O.K. Corral and through Elaine Averill’s faith-based Equine Assisted Learning.

To explain in more detail how EAL works, here’s an excerpt from Elaine’s website.

“The power and effectiveness of Equine Assisted Learning is that it is experiential based, not talk based. Through experiences in the arena with horses, the individual sees, then understands what has been hidden in one’s heart and mind that has hindered a successful and contented life and/or relationship.

Horses are such powerful tools because their natural, instinctive behavior and senses guarantee safety and survival. Because the horse is a prey animal, it must be keenly aware of its surroundings and quick to react. Hence the horse will always watch for the slightest movement in its environment and, accordingly, will respond to body posture, both positive and negative.

Because horses can sense the difference between a calm, non-threatening posture; an anxious or fearful posture; and a contradictory posture, they will immediately identify people who are struggling internally and will respond honestly and accurately according to what they observe. Note too that when a horse senses confident leadership qualities in people they will be willing to follow only after they discover the necessary qualities of respect and trust. In the horse’s world, horses learn through positive and equitable stimulus to respect and respond to the guidelines of hierarchy in the herd – team work is expected, respected, and then followed. Their world is not directed by bias, dishonesty or judgment, or pre-conceived notions, nor by manipulation and control. Unless a horse has been abused by humans, the horse will always love unconditionally and respond loyally … he will willingly let you ride upon him into life’s most difficult battles.

Hence the use of horses provides a thoroughly positive and powerful environment that guarantees the EAL facilitator and participant(s) will successfully discover what has inhibited the participant to become all that God had intended – to live a life of successful relationships, a life filled with purpose and contentment. When we powerfully encounter God’s nature and His truth through interaction and non-verbal communication with horses, we are able to finally experience positive, life-altering transformation.”