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Join Our Herd

We are always in need of volunteers, and we occasionally have staff positions available.  Check below for either the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you, or to see if we have any current staff positions open.

Volunteer Opportunities

Working With the Participants & Horses

Get in on the action! We always need caring, mature Christian adults to meet with those we serve. Volunteers must go through an application and screening process, including a background check.

We offer hands-on training to help you be equipped, empowered, encouraged and effective in your volunteer role.

We work with a variety of ages, a variety of challenging life situations, and a variety of needs. If your passion is working with youth, we will do all we can to pair you with youth. If you desire to work with adults, or a specific area of need, again we will do all we can to place you accordingly.

We strongly encourage our volunteers to become certified in faith-based Equine-Assisted-Learning (EAL) by attending a weekend certification seminar with Elaine Averill. This certification is not required, just encouraged. Volunteers who are not certified will be paired with a certified volunteer to help facilitate the EAL activities.

Pray Over Specific Sessions

We know that prayer is powerful because we’re praying to the all-powerful God! True healing, life change and eternal transformation cannot happen apart from Him. It is our desire to have at least one volunteer on-site during each session who is specifically and intentionally praying, committing each person to prayer, asking God to have His way and to make His loving presence known.

Support Parents & Caregivers

We need volunteers who can be available during specific session times to come alongside and support the parents who have youth participating in the program.  During the two hour session there are parents and caregivers waiting. These people are often exhausted, discouraged, feel isolated, etc. You would be there to offer them a safe listening ear, pray with them if they’re open to that, and just let them know that somebody hears them and cares.

Help With Various Events or Projects on the Ranch

If you’d like to help in other ways, there are plenty of opportunities, including:

  • “handy man” projects
  • helping with craft ideas
  • writing devotionals
  • helping write out spiritual analogies
  • writing for our blog
  • helping raise funds
  • spreading the word
  • keeping our social media up to date
  • helping with administrative tasks

If you are interested in helping in a way that hasn’t been mentioned, or if you have further questions – Please Contact Us!  We are always open to new ideas!

Otherwise, if you’re ready to begin your application process, please download the Volunteer Application, fill it out completely, and email it to Sharron at

Staff Positions

Position:  Administrative Assistant

Shift:  Flexible hours, 10-15 hours a week.

Description: The person in this role will help with bookkeeping, filing, QuickBooks, updating databases, social media, blog entries, phone calls, helping edit materials, printing materials and helping with events. More creative roles include, creating end of year gifts for participants, writing thank you notes and sending encouragement cards to volunteers and participants.

**Please note that all of our staff positions require the applicant to raise 100% of the budget that pays for their hourly wage or salary. Fundraising assistance and training is provided, as well as hands-on job training.