Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope


Read what God is doing, and how He - through the horses
- is impacting people's lives.


When I had my first daughter I knew in my heart that there had to be another side of the world apart from what I had lived. I remember standing in the bedroom looking out the window and asking, "What's out there for me?" Through my journey at the ranch, I'm experiencing the 'other side' that I was longing for.

One word I would use to describe the Ranch: JOY

Parent Testimonial

My favorite thing about the Ranch is that everybody is welcome, accepted and embraced, no matter their age, race or beliefs! To me, it is a real breath of fresh air!


A Parent & Volunteer

I am personally impacted not only through my daughter but in my time spent at the Ranch around the volunteers and the horses. I feel I’ve learned so much but more importantly I sense God's beauty and grace there. The ministry has the potential to impact so many lives and it’s clear that it is already doing so.

My daughter has gained so much confidence since her time began at the Ranch. She feels she has gained a friend in her volunteer as well as in her horse, Zoe, and she looks forward to every time we can come. She has also said that she is learning to trust Zoe and that Zoe is learning to trust her. The lessons she is learning are laying another layer of understanding of God's love for her.

One word I would use to describe the Ranch: POWERFUL


The peacefulness of the Ranch has been amazing. It's been a refuge.


I saw B's face light up as she was riding Zoe all by herself... She came to us a very sullen, sad young lady and to watch what God was able to accomplish through the love and acceptance of a 1500 pound horse was truly amazing.




I've struggled to find a volunteer opportunity that resonated with my desire to make life better for those affected, and this one does. I'm learning how to develop leadership skills through being quiet instead of forceful. People can hurt; people can help. I've always been a helper, but this is on a bigger scale and has eternal consequences.


Thank you for sharing God's heart through the horses. I felt His love while we were there.

Hannah W.

Being out there puts me in the best of moods!

Hannah O.

Being at The Son & Reins Ranch has been a refreshing and rewarding experience for me. Taking care of horses and building shelters requires all of my attention and helps get my mind off things that are bothering me. I think everybody who comes here for healing will find more than just another counseling session—they will find a new way of life!


It is so exciting out there- I'm excited everytime I get in my car to come out. It's so easy to be there and God is so close to us there. You have a real special thing going on and I'm so appreciative of everything you and the horses are doing for me.


When Sharron guides us through an Equine Assisted Learning activity, light bulbs start going on. As my family and I watch the horses and ourselves, we begin to see clearly a reflection of how we've been trying to make our own life work out for us. Before us we see the truth playing out, undeniably, and we can admit to ourselves that maybe we have been trying to "push a string." How has God intended this life and our relationships to "work" in a life-giving way? One way He reveals it beautifully to us is through His horses."

J. and A.

We want to live here, we love it so much!!


"When I see how the horses interact with me, it reveals to me how I am living and what I believe."