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Patient with the Process (Part 2)

Only God knows the process and the outcome. As humans, we have the shocking ability to think that we have developed all of these expert techniques for helping one another, often completely forgetting to acknowledge and thank Him for the process in the first place! Then, we go on to think that we are totally in control of the process through proper planning and execution. Finally, we walk away in an exhausted yet fulfilled stupor after the session thinking that we just did something good for another human being. Well, yes, but was it really us? Nope, it was God. Just Him, working through us, if we are willing, humble, and most of all…


Waiting at the Gate...
Waiting at the Gate…

Last week, I spent several hours reviewing all of the activities that I was going to do with my participant. I studied, highlighted, reviewed, and even printed my agenda to take with me! I knew how long each aspect would take, where we would do it, and even, what questions I would ask when we de-briefed at the end. God must have been rolling with laughter watching my diligent preparation.  Then, He gently asked for the reins back (if I wouldn’t mind) and showed me His plan for the session. As they say, man proposes, God disposes! We did not even get through the first activity but I learned more than I have during any other session. Ok God, you win. Again. Perhaps next time, I will spend that preparation time praying for trust and patience in the process. That is how it works. 


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