Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope


Name– Gerry

Where are you from? Winfield Kansas

What makes you want to volunteer at the Ranch? I really enjoy being around and helping youth and I can’t get enough of horses. Here I get to combine the two.

What’s your coolest experience? So many to choose from, can’t pick just one. Top three: White water rafting. Repelling. Iraq.

What would you like to do but haven’t yet? Disappear into the mountains with a couple of horses and the bare essentials. Hunt and fish for my food. Have nothing electronic or even a map. Spend at least a month out there.

Favorite movie? Jeremiah Johnson

What’s the most amazing thing to you about God? That He knew me before creation and gave His Son so that I could spend eternity with Him.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Life

Favorite horse experience? I have a few. Playing jump rope horseback, tons of fun. Winning at roping. The first time a horse really gave to me and connected.

Do you prefer salty or sweet, and why? Salty, it’s addictive.

What do you do when you see a mud puddle? Play

If you could hear God speak 25 words to you, what would they be? Keep going, you’re headed down the right path. You’ve made a difference, you’ve shined for me and been an example for me. I love you beyond what you can fathom.