Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

BOAZ is a beautiful thoroughbred and used to be a jumper until he got his leg caught in a fence and tore a major artery.

His owner wanted to put him down because he could no longer make money performing, but he was rescued and had surgery. He later developed stringhalt, which causes him to walk funny but does not cause pain.

The people who originally rescued him had good intentions but were not able to take care of him the way they had hoped.

Being the tallest horse, Boaz was skin and bones and his hooves were so bad that the farrier said if they had been left much longer he would’ve gone lame and would’ve had to be put down.

Boaz is a gentle giant. He has such a sweet disposition, loves being goofy and is great with people! He is 15 years old now and he thoroughly enjoys his life and his purpose at The Son and Reins Ranch!

Meaning of the name.  Boaz is a major figure in The Book of Ruth in the Bible. The term is found 24 times in the Scriptures, and expresses ‘quick(ness)’, as in the swiftness of horse. Seems pretty appropriate since he’s a thoroughbred!