Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

(early 2006– 22 Oct. 2014, 5:07am)

Our beloved Jesse never met a stranger, and she thought it was rude to ever greet somebody without bringing them a toy – it could be anything from a tennis ball, to a barrel, Frisbee, stick, trash can lid … it just had to be something! She was never in a bad mood, never too tired to play, always had a happy tail, and was seriously convinced that everybody who came to the ranch, came just to play with her!

Everybody who knew her, loved her … and if you weren’t a dog person, well, Jesse would work all the harder to win you over! She touched many, many lives, in Australia (where Sharron got her), Virginia and in Colorado. She had a massive presence and personality, and she reflected the true heart of this ministry … the love, the energy, the joy and the passion.  Nothing will be the same without her, but we’re trusting that again, God will bring beauty from the ashes. Please pray for us as we walk through the ashes right now though, because Jesse has left a huge hole in the ministry, and especially in Sharron’s heart and life, and in Sharron’s Mom (Jesse’s grandma).

Everybody who ever saw Sharron and Jesse together, knew there was a very special bond. Jesse was a four-legged person who understood English, could spell eight different commands, had learned to count, and would pretty much do anything that was asked of her because she was incredibly smart and lived to please. Many will remember her dropping toys at their feet, herding the barrels around the field, trying to go between their legs with a Frisbee in her mouth … Often times the youth were delayed in getting out to the horses because they were wooed by Jesse, who was convinced it was all about her –and she usually wasn’t wrong. Oh, how this dear girl will be missed. She was truly a gift from God, and her love, joy and attitude reflected Him so beautifully.