Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

Board Member / Volunteer
Hi! My name is Ellen and my love for God and His creation is what made me seek out volunteering at The Son & Reins Ranch, (TS & RR).
I moved to Colorado just over 2 years ago, and have lived in five states in twenty five years. Colorado is my favorite state and will be my final residence. I really do like the snow, the mountains and the passion people have here for animals; especially horses.
I was excited to learn how the equine-assisted-learning (EAL) process worked at TS & RR.  During my first training session, I was very surprised to discover something within myself. It was completely unexpected, but impacted me so that I could see how I had been dealing with situations for most of my life, and how I could change my behavior. I am very thankful for what God revealed to me.
Through my own experience I was able to see how well the program works. I am looking forward to working with the participants and horses,  introducing one of my sons to the program, and having a lengthy volunteer career at TS &RR.