Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

KATURAH is the latest member of our herd. She is originally from a brood mare ranch. She has fantastic blood lines and was just used to make babies.

A year ago, Combat Veterans Cowboy Up, adopted her only to find that their herd was unwilling to accept her. This is extremely rare for horses.

Five of the 7 horses violently attacked her, pinning her under a fence, kicking her in the head, running her until she couldn’t run any more, and even when they were finally separated, she still lived in fear with the aggressive bullies right on the other side of the fence.

This behavior continued even during the sessions with the veterans which limited how much they could use her.

Since coming to the Ranch, she has finally experienced peace, the herd is accepting her and she is thriving in the ministry sessions!  We’ve also discovered she has a very playful side that is coming out now that she feels safe and is no longer in pain.

She loves being sprayed with the hose, she’ll put her nose in the water trough and will blow bubbles, she’ll take the carrot stick right out of your hand and walk away with it, etc. She loves making people laugh!

Even after all she’s been through, she is still full of hope and she has much to teach us.

She is giving as much love as she is receiving now, and it’s a blessing for all of us!

Meaning of the name: Katurah Rahab… nickname, “Kat” or “Tori Ray”

Katurah means ‘fragrance’;

Rahab is more about her story than the meaning of her name. Rahab was a “heathen harlot” (a prostitute), but when Grace erased her former life of shame, she married and became an ancestress of Jesus Himself! God redeemed Rahab the prostitute and made her a sweet fragrance!

God took this horse from a place of being unwanted, unaccepted, beat up, used to make babies… and He redeemed her life, gave her a new name and made her a sweet fragrance! She has not only found her purpose, she’s found her place in our herd and in our hearts!