Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

Youth Leader

My name is Ellen and my husband and I moved to Parker in August of 2015.  I was reading about The Son and Reins Ranch in the local magazine and was thrilled to see that people were needed to assist others with horses.  It excited me so much, because the horse is my absolute favorite animal.

Through my years – I came to know Jesus personally as a young teen, while questioning the earth’s end and where would I go if and when that happened.  I remembered a few sermons from the past and believed that if I would trust Christ personally, that He died for my sins, I would be saved and live with Him forever.

It is interesting how God creates us so individually and He puts certain desires in our hearts and minds.  He has put the love of horses in my heart and even in this latter part of my life, given me the opportunity to get close with them regularly, grow in my own understanding of life and relationships and give me the desire to want to give back to others, especially those who are hurting.

I pray that God continues to teach me and use me to give Hope to others who need both God’s love and Horse love.