Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

Youth Leader / Volunteer

Name – Leah

Where are you from? Aurora, CO

What makes you want to volunteer at the Ranch? I volunteer at the Ranch because it is the best of both worlds for me. I love horses, and support the Natural Horse Care and Horsemanship methods because they are what’s best for the horse. I have also come to love the time that I’m able to spend with the people. The Ranch has such a friendly and peaceful environment, and I know that it’s always a place where I can get away from the craziness of life and be in God’s grace.

What’s your coolest experience? My coolest experience in life happened very recently. I took a trip to Western Colorado by Grand Junction and camped in an area known as Little Book Cliffs. This area is home to wild horses, and I was able to spend 6 days watching wild horses!

What would you like to do but haven’t yet? I would love to swim with dolphins. I don’t really know why, but I love the ocean and think it would be such an amazing experience.

Favorite movie? Spirit (the animated horse movie…can you tell I like horses?)

What’s the most amazing thing to you about God? For me, the most amazing thing about God is that He has a plan for everyone in this life. The most amazing “God moments” for me are when something I planned in my life goes askew, but later it all turns out alright, but in a different way than I planned. It’s those times that I think, “Okay, God, I see you had something else in mind.”

What gets you out of bed in the morning? I love the mornings because they are calm and quiet. I love to see the sunrise. Also, every morning when I wake up, I think to myself, “Today, something good will happen to you, and through you.”

Favorite horse experience? I don’t think I have a favorite horse experience, but my two most memorable are camping with wild horses, and working with Sharron and Ladybug at the Ranch — we were the first people to ever ride her!

Do you prefer salty or sweet, and why? I prefer sweet things over salty (but sweet as in fruit because I don’t like candy). In my opinion, salty things are too overpowering and they make me too thirsty!

What do you do when you see a mud puddle? If I see a mud puddle and I’m trying to stay clean, then I avoid it. But if I have nowhere to be and I don’t have to stay clean, then I’ll jump right in!

If you could hear God speak 25 words to you, what would they be? “You matter and are loved, more than you could ever imagine. I have a plan for you, and you will make a difference in this world.”