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MALACHI is 22 years old and is still recovering from years of abuse. Eventually his abusive owners gave him to a camp out in California, where he was treated well but was under constant stress with new wranglers coming every year and not having the consistency that he needed in order to regain his confidence and trust.

From there, he was given to a lady who took good care of him, and she began to earn his trust after many hours of riding together.

One day Malachi became lame and that’s when they realized he has major tendon issues in his back legs. The vet suggested they put him down, but it was clear Malachi still had so much to give.

So, after being passed around and experiencing much abuse and neglect in his lifetime, he has made his way to us here at The Son and Reins Ranch, and we are very thankful!

He has a ways to go before he is fully healthy physically and mentally, but he has much to offer others who also need healing. He is super sensitive and responds immediately to whatever energy and attitude you bring to him. He has proven to be a wonderful asset, teacher and ministry partner to us and we’re so glad he’s a part of our herd!

He is a beautiful, blue-eyed boy!

Meaning of the name: Malachi means a messenger or an angel.