Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

SHILOH is a small thoroughbred who had never had anything done with her when she came to the Ranch.  At 11 years old she had never been trained or ridden, and she never had the opportunity to bond with a human.

Within a year of being at the Ranch that all changed!  One of the people who was working with Shiloh each week was able to ride her for the first time, after just 5 sessions! This was the very first time that Shiloh EVER had anybody on her back! What an incredible experience that was for everybody involved, including Shiloh!

A number of people have felt an instant connection with Shiloh and she has developed so much trust.

Shiloh has a very sweet disposition and she is super sensitive to our emotions and cues.

Meaning of the name: Shiloh is found in Joshua 18:8, and in Hebrew means, “peace; abundance; his gift.”