Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

ZOE used to be a champion barrel racer but when she slipped and fell going around a barrel, her rider decided to get rid of her!

The next family to get Zoe got her for their daughter, but they had to board Zoe 45 minutes from where they lived. It wasn’t long before the visits to see Zoe slowed and then stopped. She spent most of her days standing in a small run-in shed and corral.

She was getting no attention, she had no sense of purpose, and she went from shining in the spotlight to being pushed to the back burner; from being the center of somebody’s world to being stuck in a small corral by herself day in and day out. The family knew this wasn’t fair to Zoe, so they donated her to the Ranch.

Even though her owners were paying a farrier, Zoe’s feet were a mess. The souls of her feet, instead of being an inch deep, were THREE inches deep—this is the equivalent to us walking on tippy toes 24/7! Her knees, shoulders and hips were very swollen and sore. Zoe was in a lot of pain, emotional and physical.

As she got the care and attention she needed and deserved, her pain started to go away and more of Zoe’s personality started to come out!

She is a very sweet, mellow horse, who is eager to please.

When she first came to us she would stay by herself, very aloof, sure that people weren’t there to see her. But as the weeks passed, she started to realize that people were coming to spend time with her, and now she greets us at the gate right along with the other horses! She loves her life and purpose at The Son and Reins Ranch!

Meaning of the name:  Zoe is a Greek word that means life, and not just any life, but the life that only God gives. It can be found in John 10:10.  Zoe is the life that Jesus came to give us.