Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

ABISHAI is a beautiful thoroughbred who used to be a race horse before her owners tried using her as a jumper.

But every time she jumped, she would buck her rider off and they would then beat her, thinking she was being bad.

She was rescued by somebody who knew she was probably in pain. Sure enough, she had a pinched nerve in her back and this is why she was bucking.

She too was let out to pasture, and like the others, she was malnourished and her feet were in bad shape. She is 15 years old and is a real beauty with a very sensitive nature.

She loves being close to her people, and it only takes a few times of moving her feet to convince her that you’re her leader. She is eager to love and trust!

Meaning of the name: Abishai is found in 1 Sam. 26:6, and in Hebrew means, “the present of my father.”