Horses ♦ Healing ♦ Hope

Name – Tomi

Where are you from? Denver, CO  – Chicago, IL for 20 years – Now in Aurora, CO

What makes you want to volunteer at the Ranch?  In today’s world we see many different animals being used to help us human’s get through our heartaches and daily situations. To find a Christian organization that uses horses to help is exciting to me!

What I love about this organization is when we come to the ranch, whether as a volunteer or a participant, we get the on- hands experience of working with the horses.  From each experience, we learn to handle our life’s problems and deepest heartaches.

What better friend can you tell your deepest secrets to than these special horses that are so compassionate, fun and loving!

Favorite movies? I have three and can’t leave one of them out:  Max; War Horse and Australia

 What’s the most amazing thing to you about God? No matter how many times I fail, He still loves me and helps me back up again. He is always beside me through thick and thin.